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Whatsmyhost - Discover Who Is Hosting a Particular Website

Whatsmyhost is a free online web hosting checker tool that helps you discover who is hosting a particular website? Instantly, get the information about the Webhost, IP address, Nameserver, and many more, on a single click.

Whatsmyhost uses the advanced methods to determine a web host of any website, with an extensive database of hosting providers, DNS providers, Mail hosting providers. You can discover who is hosting a particular website. You can keep an eye on competition with this free tool. A peek at any website hosting provider can help to identify technologies used by any website.

What does Web Hosting mean?

You enter the domain on the browser, and instantly you get access to your desired website. Have you ever think, how that website is accessible on the World Wide Web. Here the web-hosting provider plays the role.

So here, two question arises.

What is Web hosting?

Why we need Web hosting?

The web hosting service provider is the online business that provides the webmasters the technology and the services, including the webspace on the webserver to store its files. The web hosting makes the files that comprise the website available for viewing on the World Wide Web. The web hosting service providers not only provide the webspace to webmasters to manage the web documents. Moreover, it also offers email services and other services required to maintain the website.

What are the advantages of selecting the professional web hosting service provider?

Suppose you are having a slow page loading speed problem. The usual questions are.

  • The name of the web hosting provider company whose services you are using?
  • What kind of plan did you purchase from the web hosting service provider?

Selecting the professional web hosting service provider gives you several benefits. Some are listed below.

  • It improves site performance by improving the web page loading speed.
  • The web owner can reach millions of people on the internet without any interruption.
  • Provide your website accessible to the millions of people on the internet 24/7 without any interruption.
  • The professional web hosting service provider provides the web owner with outstanding technical support. You can contact their support team at any time if you face any technical problem.
  • It improves web security. With time, the hackers develop new and improved ways to make a hacking attempt. Therefore, it is also necessary for the web hosting service providers to improve their security shield as per the current requirements.
  • The professional web hosting service provider also gives you the domain and domain associated email address for building brand loyalty.
  • The professional web hosting service provider provides you with reliable services and takes full security measures to secure your website from the hacking attempts. You can avail of their services 24/7 without any interruption.
  • It saves both your time and money. Having a professional web hosting service provider, on the one hand, it gives you access to the skilled and experienced people who are responsible for managing your website. On the other hand, you can entirely focus on your business growth.

Note: Choosing the best web hosting service provider is not enough. Choosing the accurate and right plan as per your requirements is also essential. You can forecast and get insights into which web hosting solution is better for you and your needs using Web Hosting Bandwidth Calculator.

What are the different types of web hosting?

In the world of web hosting, you can adopt different web hosting plans as per your requirements. Some of them are.

  • Shared hosting: As the name implies, that hosting plan is shared. You share the web server resources with other website owners. However, all the resources are shared; therefore, such a plan's cost is relatively low. Besides, it is best for the initial startup.
  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting: That hosting plan provides you with more control over your website even though your website shares the physical server with other websites, but hosting for each website is within its own space on the webserver. It is the middle point between the shared and dedicated web hosting. That plan is useful for webmasters, who need more control, but cannot move towards a dedicated hosting plan because of insufficient technical knowledge.
  • Dedicated server hosting: As the name implies, this hosting plan provides you the more control of the server. It also improves web performance because you have the entire web server for your website and have all the server resources without sharing them with the other webmasters. That plan is best for webmasters who need many webserver resources for their website and need a high-security level.
  • Collocated Hosting: In that hosting plan, you purchased your server and hosted it at a web host's facilities. You are responsible for your server and can even upload the scripts and applications as per your need. However, it is considered the most expensive option that gives you maximum control over the hardware and software.

Why do we need to check the web hosting service provider?

It is better to check who is hosting a particular website. Because

  • It gives you a good insight, which hosting provider can give you a better worth of your money. Moreover, which can give you the best services within your allocated budget.
  • You can go into the comparative analysis of your website with your competitors. And can compare the performance and ranking of your website with your competitors.
  • If you do not know who is hosting a particular website, it is an excellent chance to find out.
  • It is essential to choose the best and reliable web hosting service provider. Because once you selected and start using, it isn't easy to move from one hosting provider to another. In the market, thousands of hosting providers are there. Checking the web-hosting provider helps you choose the best by sorting out from the thousands of hosting provider services.

How to evaluate hosting service providers?

Choosing the best hosting plays an essential role in SEO ranking. So before choosing any hosting service, consider the following points.

  • Server downtime: It plays an essential role in the website performance and its overall rankings. If it takes a long time to connect to your website, you must evaluate it and go for other hosting services.
  • Page load time: After the recent Google algorithm changes in the mid of 2020, many websites lose their ranking and website traffic because of low page load time. Statistics from Google indicate that 50% of website visitors expect a mobile website to load within 2 seconds. 53% of users will probably leave the blog page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. That means that page speed is now an essential factor that shapes the user experience. And for Google, the user experience is a crucial factor that shapes the SEO ranking.
  • Server location: The server location plays a vital role in providing the website's quick access to the user. Having the server location near your target audience improves the page loading speed and positively impacts the website's user experience and overall performance.
  • Support: This is one of the most vital points to consider. Today, the company's run on their customer and technical support team. It's better if support is in-house rather than outsourced.
  • Price: You must go for the hosting plan that is compatible with your budget. The majority of the hosting provider provides you long-term plan at the cheapest rate. But when you go to their short term plan, that looks quite different.

How to use Whatsmyhost website hosting checking service?

Whatsmyhost is a free online website hosting checker tool that checks who is hosting a particular website?

To check who is hosting a particular website? Please enter the domain name. It will provide you the Webhost, IP address, Nameserver, and many more, on a single click.

What is a web hosting example?

In 2020, the best web hosting companies are

  • SiteGround
  • Bluehost
  • iPage


The data provided by Whatsmyhost is believed to be reliable and presented as it is, but the company does not guarantee the data's accuracy. The further use of data for any personal and commercial activity is strictly forbidden. By submitting an inquiry to the website, you accept the terms of the use of the tool.

Note: The Cloudflare, a popular CDN, masks the IP address of the website. So you cannot get the information about the exact hostname. You can contact the Cloudflare for getting the information about the actual hostname.